Overall solution


Five columns and eight layers of stacked egg cages
Five-row four-layer cascading egg cage

Four-row four-layer stacked brooding cage
Five columns and four layers of stacked hens

Our advantage

〉〉〉technological design

Process design is the basic core to ensure safe and efficient production of pastures. Damase has rich experience in project process implementation. We pursue excellence and continuous innovation to create higher value for our customers.

Drawing design
3D modeling

3D modeling
Scientific planning to make rational use of resources

〉〉〉Construction Design

● We let the process and construction no longer “separate”, let the process to match the process, and let the three effectively combine;

● We rely on the company's strong technical research and development capabilities and innovative capabilities to tailor the design to each customer, so that the standardization and personalization are effectively unified;

● The overall design pattern no longer needs to turn a complete project into a number of small units. You only need to tell your needs. Others will help you to complete them, so that you will no longer have to worry about the inconsistency and no longer delay the construction period. And lost market opportunities.